Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hello, it has been a month since I made my last post. I have been furiously writing a book proposal for a book contract contest hosted by

I am finally finished with the proposal and I sent it via email. The last five weeks have been spent not only learning how to write a book proposal but actually writing it as well. I read two books on the topic

1. How to write a book proposal - Michael Larsen - Great book
2. Author 101: Best Selling Book Proposals - Rick Frishman and Robyn Freedman Spizman

I can honestly say that even if I don't win the contest, just going through the process of writing a proposal is an experience in itself. It may be harder than actually writing the book. Either way, after spending all of this time on my proposal this book will be published one way or another.

I will self publish or use the Print on Demand route which is the wave of the future for all would-be artists.


My family - what can I say - I owe you three ladies for allowing me to focus for the last few weeks - thanks a million!!

I would like to give a huge Shout Out to Roger C. Parker for reviewing my work and offering very insightful comments. If you need help or information about writing and publishing, visit Roger's website to learn how to write a nonfiction book that attracts more business than you can handle and turns you into an information machine generating multiple streams of income.

I would also like to thank my editor, Swanee Ballman for doing a lot of great work and only charging me for a third of the time she spent editing my proposal. If you need an editor or publisher, visit Swanee's website for further information.

Finally, I would like to thank Dave Bell of the Incredible Speakers Bureau for taking time out of his busy schedule to listen to my "bright" ideas. If you have ever thought about being a speaker visit Dave's website to find out what its all about.


Dear Vern:
Thank you for your kind words.
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