Saturday, January 28, 2006

I am reading a book by Earl Nightingale called "This is Earl Nightingale" and I found an interesting thought about ideas.

He proposed that you set up a daily quota for creating and developing ideas, for instance if you create 20 ideas every day for five days a week not including weekends you would develop 100 ideas every week and 5200 ideas every year.

The law of averages says that one of those 5200 ideas will probably change your life forever. Do you think you can find the time to develop 20 ideas everyday? How about 15, or 10, or even 5 ideas daily?

I have been recording my ideas for at least the last 10 years (not as consistently as I would have liked - I might add) and right now I have so many ideas, concepts, plans for various products and services that I do not have time to pursue them all.

The key for me and you is to create and record, then focus and implement the most promising ideas.

Think on this for a while...


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 is Here!! You can decide whether 2006 will be your best year yet or more of the same of what you have been experiencing in your life up to this point.

Take the time to set a direction for yourself, notice I did not say 'New Year's Resolution' because we all know what happens to those resolutions in fact, if statistics are to be believed, most people have already given up on their resolutions after the 1st of January.

I am talking about setting a direction for yourself for the next 365 days:

What do you want to have accomplished 365 days from now? In your family, job, and personal life?

What do you want to have experienced 365 days from now?

Who do you want to have met or become acquainted with 365 days from now?

Where do you want to go in the next 365 days?

How much money do you want to have in the bank 365 days from now?

Simply answer the four questions above with 3 or 4 answers that are right for you and decide to JUST DO IT - no matter what!!

You ask, is it that simple? Yes, it is that simple. Have you heard that we as people accomplish some of what we need to accomplish and all of what we want to accomplish. If you want to do it - do it.

Do something, anything, everyday to move you closer to fulfilling the answers to the questions above. Remember, inch by inch anything is a cinch.

"A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step."

Personally, the above quotation has been the most powerful revelation to me because instead of becoming overwhelmed with trying to do too much, I have learned to take my big dreams and divide them into many small tasks that I can accomplish everyday. Before long I see my dream manifested in reality - I am telling you this is awesome and it works!!

Are you ready to take that step?


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