Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ideas are the currency of success. How much is an idea worth to your eventual success and prosperity? Ross Perot says, "It just takes one idea to live like a king for the rest of your life." What idea will help you to make your kingdom here on earth?

I see opportunities everywhere I look. The only limit to me making the most of these opportunuties is the limits that I place upon myself. I don't have to do everything alone. I see partners and helpers all around me. I must engage these people to assist me in bringing my vision to fruition.

We must learn to embrace creative prosperity and wealth building thoughts and actions. We must all become aware of the power within us to be who and what we want to be at any level we aspire to.

To become millionaires we must become aware of opportunities from a millionaire's level of consciousness and awareness. This means that we must think about the challenges and problems faced by millionaires and more importantly how these challenges are transformed into opportunities. You do this be letting go of your old ways of thinking and doing things on a small scale with equally small results. Instead, you think big and act on an exponential scale that can affect millions of people.

You write a book that inspires thousands of people to live their dreams. You write a song that captures a specific moment in time that cuts across race, class, gender, and religion and touches millions of people, causing them to look at life differently than before they heard your song.

What impact are you making on the human race? Who are you inspiring to be better today than they were yesterday? What level do you aspire to live your life on? Are you moving towards that level or are you settling for what feels comfortable and secure because that is all that you know?


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